Per Studypool’s policy, it is prohibited for users to upload or submit any copyright infringing materials. Such materials include without limitation copies made without the consent of the copyright owner of testing materials, textbooks, instructor’s solution manuals, test banks, lecture notes, slide presentations or related copyrighted works, in whole or in part.

By uploading content, you are representing that:

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  • By uploading the content, you will not violate any law, regulation or ethics code
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Uploaded content should add value for other Studypool users and be academic in nature. Uploaded content cannot be blank, duplicates, or have random filler content, and it must not contain any offensive material. When uploading content, you must tag the relevant course or subject. Studypool reserves the right to reject and remove any uploaded content from our site at any time, for any reason in our sole discretion, and without notice.

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