To measure temperature 

Temperature, Fever, and Thermometer | Types

A) Temperature  

In medical terms, temperature can be defined as the amount of heat produced by the human body. 

It is measured by an instrument known as a thermometer also known as a medical thermometer or chemical thermometer. 

The classification of range of body temperature  

Category CentigradeFahrenheit
Normal36.5 – 37.597.1 – 99.5

The temperature range may differ by age, sex, reproductive status, time of day, place, subjective status of patient, activity level, emotional state, site of measurement, etc.  

Types of temperature  

Core temperature: seen in oral cavity and rectum  

Body temperature: seen in the axilla or groin 

B) Fever  

Fever is a sign or symptom which is characterized by a temporary increase in body temperature. 

Types of fever  

  1. Continued fever: this type of fever does not fluctuate more than 10C (1.50F) during 24 hours but never touch base line. Eg: typhoid fever, lobar pneumonia  
  1. Remittent fever: when daily fluctuation of fever exceed by 20C it is known as remittent fever. Eg: in amoebic liver abscess, lung abscess  
  1. Intermittent fever: 

a. Quotidian fever: fever periodicity daily, eg: plasmodium knowlesis malaria, kala-azar 

b. Tertian fever: fever with a periodicity of 48 hours, eg: Plasmodium vivex, Plasmodium ovale, Plasmodium falciparum  

c. Quortan fever: periodicity of 72 hours (2days interval between two consecutive). Eg: Plasmodium malaria 

How to check fever with the help of a thermometer?

C) Thermometer 

The instrument needed to measure the temperature is known as a thermometer, the thermometer which is used to measure the temperature of a human beings is known as a clinical or medical thermometer. 

Temperature, Fever, and Thermometer | Types

Use: To measure temperature 

Site: Mouth- an oral cavity under the tongue, Rectum via the anus, Axilla, Ear, Forehead/temporal, Groin  

Note: Axilla temperature is 10C inferior to the rectal temperature  

Types of thermometer  

1. Liquid filled thermometer  

a. Mercury thermometer  

b. Alcohol thermometer  

2.Electronic digital thermometer  

3.Electronic ear thermometer  

4.Forehead thermometer  

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